Monday, 12 October 2009

Murphy Please help rehome him.

This is written by a client and friend who has a mission.....Please help

Last Sunday my riding lesson was cancelled so I decided to do a wretched supermarket shop on the way home I should have gone right on the roundabout and for some unplanned, unknown reason I went left to the animal rescue centre! Needless to say there were loads of sad faces; many considered not "re-homable" and some "reserved". I was drawn to a big black mutt who was sitting looking rather bored in his basket but came straight over when I moved to the front of his cage. This was Murphy. My first question was how long has he been in here - about two years she said. When I asked why she said oh absolutely nothing bad; he loves everybody and everything but he is so strong and people only want to adopt small cross breeds or big pure breeds.

By this time Murphy was veritably pushing his body through the cage to get more cuddles. It was suggested that since he was so full of life and strong I take him round the paddock to see what he was like.

Quick change of shoes to muddy boots and off we went;

Yep he is really strong and needs to get some rules about not dragging you round the field on the end of the lead (having said this when I was a kid we always had big dogs and both the weimeraner and the dalmation did this at a similar age - circa 3.5 years). He has a particularly irritating habit of grabbing the lead and wanting to play tug of war (he wins with me - I am only 5ft 3 and not particularly strong.). I guess this has been learned behaviour when he was little. I quickly asked if they had a chain and leather lead (not choke) and the grabbing the lead soon stopped - who wants a mouthful of chain!!!

After a few rounds of the field we then went into a large enclosure where we played for 1.5 hours! He chasing toys which he brings back but doesnt part with until you deploy toy two! Within 10 mins he was coming to me on the call, sitting on command, giving a paw and doing lots of rolling over for tickles. He jumped up a couple of times but only in excitement and once when trying to get the toy off me he grazed my hand but he immediately realised what he had done and was so humble it made me want to cry! I have never had a dog where this hasnt accidently happened sometimes so I certainly took it in the unintentional vein it was meant.

He has a love of water - they have a paddling pool in the paddock and he just loves jumping in it and lying down!! My mum has a portuguese water dog (ish he is a rescue dog too but she is 79 now so cant take on another) that also does this.

Yep he is absolutely full of energy and very very strong but given that he only gets about 20 mins exercise a day this isnt unexpected.

We spent 10 mins or so just sat leaning against each other on a bench having a rest. With him thoroughly enjoying a cuddle.

So what is he - well they think Lab x staffie - this is possible he is black with brindle bits and a big head! Not the most attractive lad in the world but brown eyes with his soul in them.

I could go on and on.

So my plight - this boy would have come home with me on Sunday but... I am living in rented accommodation and it would be a big NO from the landlord. I have two bichon frise which my landlord is fine with (had three but my lovely rescued little girl bichon died three weeks ago) but he would not agree to Murphy. He needs someone who can give him lots of exercise, carry on with the training that he has plainly already had and give him love and a home.

I intuitively know he would very quickly make a fabulous member of a family.

Apparently he used to have a girlfriend but she got adopted. Oh I just remembered as well; at one point there was a "not for rehoming" aggressive dog in the paddock next to ours who wanted to batter the fence down, Murphy ran over tail wagging (drrr walk into danger) the other dog went mad. I just shouted come away Murphy and good as gold he came back to me. He also jumped over a dog agility jump they had in the paddock (once I had demonstrated how).

I would love to take this dog on but at the moment I cant so I am going to make it my mission to find him a loving home, whatever it takes. I know there are thousands of "Murphies" out there but just what made me go and meet him? This is a dog that simply does not deserve to be doomed to life in the rescue centre. He needs, space, life and love.


  1. Another hour or so with Murphy today. We (Mandie and I) took him up to Irchester park - he was FANTASTIC. Pulled alot for me but he always behaved for Mandie who is more dog savvy than me! No hassle with other dogs, children or anything! Well he did sit on the picnic table!!!

    He just wants to meet everyone, he said hallo to several children very politely, to several dogs slightly less politely but without aggression and wanted to go say hallo to EVERYONE!

    He really is loving, obedient and a real treasure.

    Seems that its true people round here who rescue dogs want small to medium cross breeds (pretty ones) or big pure breed.

    If only life were different Murphy would be here at home with me now but it isn't so I WILL find him a home PLEASE HELP ME.

    Even "Aunty Mandie" ( ) who knows dogs back to front and inside out said he is fabulous and very special.

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